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(c) Adam Mork

Winnwood Residence

Located on a wooded lot in the middle of the DFW metroplex, the home was designed to kneel to the landscape. The black exterior saturates colors of the landscape by acting as a contrast, and the white plaster interiors reflect the landscape inside to blurring the boundary between the natural and man-made. The Winnwood Residence is net-zero energy and certified LEED Platinum. The Winnwood Residence was completed while employed at 5G Studio Collaborative.

(c) Adam Mork

1217 Main Street

Located in downtown Dallas, 1217 Main Street is an example of how architecture can contribute to revitalizing Dallas' core. Clad in 32,000+ hand-set ceramic tiles by Jorge Pardo, the rehabilitation of 1217 transformed the building into a commissioned piece of art. The 1217 Main was completed while employed at 5G Studio Collaborative.


The Stonegate Residence is in the final stages of design, and construction is scheduled to start at the end of February 2019. The 4,000 sf residence being sustainably designed from the beginning and is aiming to become LEED v4 Platinum, EPA Energy Star, and Green Built Texas certified. The home will be powered solar panels and have onsite battery storage at a scale which will allow for the home to operate normally for 7+ days.

Paul Merrill


Paul is registered architect in the state of Texas with a Masters of Architecture from Harvard University with over eight years of experience in commercial and residential architecture. His work has been published in Dwell, Architectural Record, and Texas Architect. He has designed and managed architectural projects across the United States and Indonesia ranging from $100k to $40m. Completed projects span a range of typology, including private residential, multi-family, office, medical, hospitality, site planning, and interior design.




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